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Conducting due diligence when selling / raising investments

Here some pointers to look out when selling your business. Oh yes, you would need to do your due diligence. Put yourself in their shoes, imagine you are the one investing, what questions would you ask or want to know. Chances are they would ask them too.

  • Who are your potential buyers
  • What questions would they ask?
  • How much are you looking for the business?
  • How did you derive to that valuation? Break it down and show the potential buyers
  • As the seller, will you be willing to guide the business even after you have sold it?
  • Will your employees and external stakeholders be willing to support the new owners?

  • Most buyers would want some form of assurance that the business would still be able to carry on during the transition phase. These are just some pointers that you might want to look out for. There are many other pointers but we hope this would be suffice to stimulate your thinking.