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Finding the right business or investment opportunity

The following pointers may be applicable to each individual uniquely with different variation of degree. This list is not exhaustive, here are some points that we would wish to point out –

  • Which industry is the business in?
  • What is the business scape of the business you are in?
  • Is it locale based? Potential to scale county wide or country wide? Potential for global reach?
  • Is the business more hands-on or can be in auto-pilot?
  • Are you willing to invest both time and money in it? What is your commitment level?
  • Will it change you lifestyle and if so, are you willing to tide it through?
  • Will it affect your family or closed ones? (surprisingly, this is important)
  • Have you done your due diligence? A thorough one even if the business seems straightforward - such as a café

  • We hope these pointers would help you in your search for the right business to invest or buy. It is not a complete list and certain pointers may not be applicable in different situations. Listings in Investment Ventures with a golden tick beside their ID listing has shown a higher degree of transparency and basic checks. However, you would still be required to conduct your own due diligence.