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Should I sell my business or raise investment?

It seems like a straight forward answer. Either you list your business for sale or raise investments. But is it? You have heard it, seen it, read it, dreamt it or for some of you, even experienced it. The sweet or sad (depending on your circumstances) feeling of thinking of an exit strategy. Most would think of selling their business and dreaming of a huge, hopefully, payout. But is it really worth it? Or raising investment and pushing your business to greater heights with more funds and / or talents.

Ah, whether you are simply putting your business for sale or planning to raise investments have both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at selling your business first.

Exiting via a business sale sounds good if the potential exited amount is substantial. You can use the proceeds from the sale of your business for many reasons such as, travel extensively, retire, fund other ventures, invest or for any other reasons. If you are sure that the exit amount is substantial enough, it would be suffice to go ahead with your decision even if you have no immediate plans. However if you have no concrete plans and the amount may not be substantial enough, you might want to look further and explore more possibilities.

You must remember however that once you have sold your business, it means you relinquish control over the dream that you built and maintained for however long it may be.

Raising investments or funds may be another alternative to listing your business for sale. It gives you shares and control over your business, depending on the deal you strike, while getting funds injected into your business. Furthermore, it adds talent to your team as most investors would bring something valuable along with them other than just cash.

This also means that you need to be prepared to listen to an additional voice(s). Any freedom of decisions that you had before getting investor(s) onboard would now have to be taken into consideration. Depending on the synergy of the partnership, you may actually scale your business to heights you may not be able to do alone.

Ultimately, there are many factors when considering whether to sell your business or to raise funds. Important factors includes some of the following factors;
- the nature of the business,
- the team running it,
- the conditions of environment
- any other factors

To sum it up, whether you want to put up your business for sale or raise investment, there are many factors to consider including emotional ones. Whatever you choose, Investment Ventures is able to help you list your business for sale or aid you in raising up capital. For more information, kindly contact us today.

Steps to take when exiting my business

To begin, do you even have a strategy for your business at all? Whether it is to diversify, grow and pass on to the next generation, making it listed, selling parts or whole of the business? Knowing what your initial end-game to your business journey would certainly help in keeping you focus for the journey that you will go through. You are definitely going to struggle, lose focus, meet obstacles and having a strong game plan would certainly aid in realigning your focus come what May. With this, we fully understand that plans to change along the way and as a business, we should always be flexible and adapt to time and market changes. That’s the reason why we mentioned the initial end-game. Being focused is good but too much of it or not knowing when to adapt is borderline stubborn.

If you ever decide that you would either want to raise funds to further expand and take your business to new horizons or list your business for sale, remember to ensure that you do your due diligence and market research. How do you even start?

Firstly, you would have to find a platform or have the know-how on where to even start. If you are well-connected, you may want to let your contacts know that you are either raising funds or planning to sell your business. They just might have the connection or know someone who might be able to help you out.

If this option is not really working or feasible for your current situation, you might want to look at services that offer solutions to these areas that are of your interest. You might want to go directly to Venture Capitalist for your business idea to raise funds or like trusted sites like Investment Ventures to list your business for sale. These sites give you a concentrated chance of getting your desired target segment. As these are places where they are focused and niche in their dealings, the target market they tend to attract are usually of higher quality.

However as this is similar to an investment and business, you would usually be required to “invest” a small amount of capital and/or time to achieve a greater return, in this case, your desired outcome of raising funds or selling your business.

Once you have identified the exit strategy of selling your business, you would have to choose a few quality sites to maximise your chance. Afterwhich, you would need to prepare your sales pitch. Yes, you hear it rightly, you still have to prepare a ‘sales” pitch or something similar with all the usual trappings such as sales, revenue, staff, cash flow, etc. Similar to a start-up, you would still need to convince potential buyers good reasons why they should invest time and money to your business.

In summary, exiting a business is somewhat similar to a start-up pitching for funds. The difference this time is you have something that buyers may want, a working concept that is already established (hopefully). This time, you may actually hold the upper-hand or have good leverage on the other party. Remember your pitching skills too, it actually makes quite a huge difference in the price. Should you need to raise funds or wish to list your business for sale, you may contact us at With this, we wish you all the best.

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