Listing Rates

Upon successful payment, your dedicated account manager will send you an introductory email with listing information that we require from you within 24 to 48 hours. Please note that all listings are handled meticulously for verification and fraud detection purposes. All payments will be handled by PayPal on a separate secured page. The email entered during payment would be the default email contact. Kindly contact us if you have any other queries.

Standard Listing
( £249.00 nett. )

  • Up to 5 months listing
  • Direct contact to buyers
  • 3 targeted segments
  • Targeted exposure
  • Flat rate, No commission
  • Account manager
  • Eligible for verified mark
  • -
  • Provisional featured listing
  • Rotational 14-days featured listing
  • Monthly bumping
  • -
£49.80 per month

Premium Listing
( £399.00 nett. )

  • Up to 10 months listing
  • Direct contact to buyers
  • 5 targeted segments
  • Dedicated exposure
  • Flat rate, No commission
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Eligible for verified mark
  • Privacy listing option
  • 20 days featured listing
  • Rotational 28-days featured listing
  • Bi-monthly bumping
  • Guaranteed queries & interest
£39.90 per month

List Pro account
( half-brokerage )

  • Listed till sold / withdrawal
  • Direct contact to buyers
  • Proactive Smart Search
  • Dedicated database broadcast
  • Flat rate, No commission
  • Dedicated account director
  • Verified listing mark
  • Privacy listing option
  • 15 days featured listing monthly
  • Key personnel follow-up
  • Weekly bumping
  • Guaranteed queries & interest

Important Notice

Kindly note that all listing responses are based on market sentiments. For list pro accounts, while Investment Ventures will enhance the listing by providing the approved account holder the means and platform to reach out to their respective desired target segments and exposure, approved account holders are responsible for the sellability and investablity of their listing. We do not control who will respond to all listings and if; it would be appealing to potential buyers and investors. As business comprises of many factors such as timing, market sentiments, "right place at right time", due diligence, "luck" as deemed, etc, Investment Ventures has no control or of it would guarantee a sale whatsoever. Please note that no illegal activities are allowed to be listed at all times. Should a government permit / intervention be required for certain investments, etc, further proof for fraud verification is required. All listings here should be made as accurate as possible. Any illegal activities such as arms-trafficking, drug(s) related services or products barring approved pharmaceutical products will not be allowed to list or solicit for sale and / or investments. No refund will be entertained should a breach of contract occur. It is the lister's responsibility to ensure that the business and/or asset for sale is true and accurate.

By using this site and listing with us, you agree to indemnify Investment Ventures from all activities / results arising out of your listing. Ensure that all due diligence is made before agreeing to any deal. Seek professional help when necessary such as a qualified lawyer. Investment Ventures will not be responsible for any dispute arising out of this at any cost. Investment Ventures target market are the well-informed decision makers. As a business owner and / or well-informed decision maker, you understand the risk of conducting business and by using our service or site, you agree that there is a risk that you might not be guaranteed a sale / investment and / or queries / responses. While we welcome all segment(s) in open and mature markets, Investment Ventures service is targeted at the premium market of the industry plied.We are not in a position to mitigate or arbitrate any matter. All parties information are purely confidential and will not be sold or released to anyone except; strictly under this condition - a court order from a legitimate and recognized governing body &/or country. Our laws are governed under the following territories; Australia, Singapore & United Kingdom.